Our replacement palms are made of the most durable and flexible materials. All are designed to provide the best performance, feel and wear. Best of all, our palms are already "Game ready feel".

1. Durasoft / Clarino Pro Palm
Clarino is used by most hockey glove manufacturers because of its extreme durability. This synthetic material is thinner than leather which allows a better feel on the hockey stick. This palm is recommended for the serious hockey player.

2. Genuine Leather
This is our most popular replacement palm. This natural material offers maximum comfort and feel. It has an average thickness and always dries soft. This palm material is recommended for the recreational player who just wants to have a comfortable pair of hockey gloves.

Repalming (Clarino or Leather) ........................ $42.00/pr




Repalming includes: replacement of the entire surface area on the hand (as shown above) and additional replacement patches to the back of the gloves (i.e. thumb protector, back rolls, or fingers) are min. $2/ea.

Finger Gussets
This is the part of the glove located in-between the fingers. This is what the palm is attached to. In most cases this does not need to be replaced when repalming the glove. If the gussets are too dry, torn or otherwise unusable we will have to replace them to repalm.
Replace finger gussets................ $10.00/pr